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We’re aiming to maintain the world’s most complete crypto-currency database. If you know of a crypto-currency that isn’t listed below, please contact us, and we’ll add it immediately. Click to see our list of the fastest cryptocurrencies.

Full list of crypto-currencies

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    The future of Goldcoin (and altcoins in general)
    Stellar (STR) Price Prediction
    as much as gold. In fact gold is also a math-based currency—we don’t need anyone to guarantee that it has 79 protons it just does." Read more Chris Larsen quotes.
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    *Indicates coins that may be dying.



    1. rick

      St.Louis is the first city in the world to have it’s own crypto currency, STLcoin.

      Hash Algorithm: SHA-256

      Block Rate: 70 seconds

      Value per Block: 70 coins

      Maximum Coins: 70,000,000

    2. RJF

      Any thoughts on updating this list from 2013? Many new coins, such as DNotes, are missing as well as from the “Fastest” list as well.

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