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  1. Donnie Yeganeh

    Hi Fred,

    I live in New York City and became aware of Bitcoin after watching Russia Today news and the Keiser Report while visiting Istanbul this fall. I have been following the story since over web as well as tuning in to the Keiser Report regularly.

    I read your article on Maxcoin and agree with all your points. But I think you missed the biggest reason why it will succeed: Max Keiser’s mystery idea called StarJoin. Based on what I can gather from the posts on its Facebook page (facebook.com/startjoin), it is rumored to be a crowd-sourced startup platform for small-business loans that operates on MaxCoin. Similar to Kickstarer where users can invest in early stage creative projects, StartJoin will give opportunities to small businesses that would otherwise go without the financial ability to succeed. Although it has not officially started (my guess is Max is waiting for the Maxcoin “fund” to grow :P), it sounds promising. Spread the word! Perhaps an article?

    Anyway, I love the site, man. I’m eager to be involved with the whole crypto-scene and plan to visit the events going on downtown in downtown Manhattan tomorrow and Tuesday.

    I hope to keep in touch.

    Donnie Yeganeh

  2. Donnie Yeganeh

    Thank you! I was happy to notice Max tweet your article, congrats! I think the main point is that Maxcoin represents financial freedom for all.

    Being an energy efficiency engineer myself, what also piques my interest is Max’s claim that mining MaxCoin requires 30% less electricity that other coins (all things being equal).

    Social and environmental justice for the win! Go Max!

  3. lucky331

    hey fred,

    just wanna say thanks for setting up this news site. we really need more people getting the word out on ripple.

    thanks. 🙂

  4. James

    Greetings Fred,

    This website has been exactly what I needed, God bless the internet!!!

    I have a company I am working on that is interested in the bitshare concept. I read your article and was nearly convinced that my company was a DAC and would benefit from this exchange. Unfortunately, my company is not at the DAC level, so websites like Startjoin and Kickstarter are probably better options.

    On another point, if somebody were interested in investing in this BitShare exchange, where would be a best place to start some financial analysis for these DACs? or for the exchange in general?

    As an entrepreneur I am a risk taker, but I also prescribe to looking both ways before crossing the street. I love this opportunity, and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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