Top 100 digital currencies by social media presence

A digital currency is only as strong as the community that supports it, so I decided to take a look at the top 100 digital currencies by “social strength.” What’s that? A look at each altcoin’s total number of Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter followers. The sum of all of those followers determines a coin’s social strength.

Bitcoin leads on Reddit and Facebook, but bows down to dogecoin on Twitter. Note that this list is based purely on the 100 coins that currently appear on (and at the time that I pulled them, pandacoin was listed twice). The columns below are sortable, so you can see which coin leads on which particular platform.

Note that some digital currencies have multiple Facebook pages and multiple Twitter accounts. For the purpose of this post, I tried to locate the single most popular Facebook page and Twitter account for a currency.

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    1. quarkfx

      Hum…14 follower for Quark on Reddit? You got the wrong Reddit for Quark, I guess. It is r/QuarkCoin and has about 1700 Follower. How did you get the Twitter numbers?

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    3. Anthony Kun

      I’ve noticed there is no GrumpyCoin?

      We have 1000 followers on Twitter alone –


    4. Marry Jane

      Potcoin should be in the top 10. Most of these coins have fake followers on twitter and facebook. that is a fact!!! Potcoin has 1300+ redditors alone. Also twitter is well over 1000 but facebook is pretty inactive.

    5. Coin2 Dev

      Please look at Coin2 for this list. It was 100% mined and 98% of it was given away to the first 1000 people to post their address on our Fb page. Thank you.

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    11. CoinPro

      Love this article. Really appreciate your time writing it. I was looking at the social numbers for Infinitecoin, and you might have pulled numbers for a different social account. IFC (Twitter) has 49.1K Followers
      The IFC Facebook has 9,118

      I pulled these numbers from the Infinitecoin website social links

      Really love the work. Nice Job!

      • crypter

        Thank you. I’m going to pull updated numbers soon, and I’ll make sure to use the right profiles for infinitecoin.

    12. khairulizah

      can you comment on utoken, it is a new digital coin. it’s getting hot in Asia right now especially in China. China rejected bitcoin but accept utoken. imagine in a few year utoken will bit bitcoin.

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