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Enter our Ripple writing contest and win XRP and Jed

Our Ripple writing contest is closed and the winners are announced here!

The creator of the JED currency reached out to me via to ask if I could judge a ripple writing contest. I enthusiastically agreed, and also added a bit of XRP to the prize money. The original post announcing the contest is online here, and I’m reprinting it below. I’m excited to hear what the ripple community comes up with!

Win Over 1000 XRP in the Got Jed? and’s ‘Ripple Awesome': A Writing Contest

To encourage the community to pitch in, write original content and spread the ‘Ripple Awesome’, we present…

Got Jed? and’s ‘Ripple Awesome': A Writing Contest

The objective is simple:

Write an article about Ripple. The article could be a news item, a Ripple introduction for newbies, or it could be your own opinion about Ripple, you decide. Make the article interesting, especially for people who are new to Ripple and crypto-currencies in general. And finally, try to write something original.

The prizes for this competition are:

1st prize: 1000 XRP + 250 XRP from and 111,111,111 JED

2nd prize: 750 XRP + 250 XRP from and 77,777,777 JED

3rd prize: 500 XRP + 250 XRP from and 55,555,555 JED

We also would like to mention that any of the top 3 winners could get their article published at The sole judge for this competition is Fred Marion (firstrippler) of All participants should submit their articles via private message to both firstrippler or at, and to lucky331. Once your article is submitted, you are required to post your username and Ripple wallet address in this thread so we would know which wallet to give prizes to in case you won.

Submissions will be accepted until April 23, 2014.

We encourage everyone to participate so we could all together get involved in spreading the ‘Ripple Awesome’. Thank you. Big Thanks to Fred Marion for agreeing to be the judge of this competition. We are lucky to have him. Follow us on Twitter: @got_jed @cryptla

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