Top 10 craziest f’n things you can buy with bitcoin

1) A quadcopter drone, 1.5 BTC.

The DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone with Phantom 2 Gimbal and Transmitter comes with a large battery, improved prop design, and flying time that lasts up to 22 minutes. Available at

2) ‘Bacon Gives Me a Lardon! Shirt, 0.01122 BTC

Get some unusual tees, including the ever-popular “Bacon gives me a lardon” shirt at, which accepts bitcoin for all purchases.

3) A 14-foot, floating inflatable iceberg, 10.42 BTC.

Made by Rave Sports, this 14-foot-tall inflatable iceberg is a climbing wall and a water slide in one. Pool not included. Available on Overstock (along with hundreds of other strange products).

4) A beautiful pair of adult Canadian mammoth tusks, 275BTC.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, these stunning tusks are 8-1/2 feet and 9-1/2 feet long and weigh approximately 120 lbs. each. They were excavated by a small gold mining operation outside of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada in the mid-late 1980’s. Buy them now.

5) A Barrett 82A1 Powerhouse Rifle, 14.74 BTC.

As the first and only semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle available, the Model 82A1 continues to blaze new territory. You can buy a used one with bitcoin at

6) A flight in space, 401.6BTC.

Get a seat on the Virgin Galactic and join some 600 people who have purchased tickets for a flight to space at $250k a pop. Book today at

7) Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit, .1075 BTC.

Blend in anywhere with this full-body camo Ghillie Suit. It’s on sale at where you can also get survival kits, machetes and portable shelters.

8) The Air Yacht, 1,673 BTC.

Charter the Air yacht (or hundreds of other yachts) at The Air is currently the most expensive yacht on the site. At over 265 feet long, it could almost fill a football field!

9) An African Safari.

Ashworth Africa accepts bitcoin for all their luxury African safaris. Check out Kruger National Park to see one of Africa’s best places for viewing the famous “Big Five” – lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, elephant and rhino.

10) Invest in companies.

Havelock Investments has created funds that allow you to use your bitcoin to invest in bitcoin-related companies. Some companies (particularly miners) even pay out daily dividends in BTC! Learn more at Havelock Investments.

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  1. Thomas Davis

    You can also hire drones with Bitcoin at

  2. Garry

    You can also do a 6 Month trans-Africa tour with us,, paying in BITCOIN. we drive a 4×4 truck,with 14 passenges Overland via West Africa and Central Africa, all the way from the most northern part of Europe ( Iceland ) down to the southern tip of Africa ( Capetown)

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