Top 10 most interesting Ripple (XRP/RTXP) protocol services

Ripple Labs unveiled its developer portal (see No. 5 below) earlier this month. I believe it’s the start of great things to come. Here’s a list of the Top 10 most interesting Ripple merchants, products or services that I’ve found on the web to date.

1) The Ripple Client App for iOS. Quickly and easily check your ripple account balance with the Ripple Labs Ripple Client iOS app. You can’t currently use the app to make payments (due to Apple’s restrictive policies), but you can see your holdings and display your wallet’s QR code for others.

2) Magento Ripple Plugin. E-commerce platform Magento has developed a ripple plugin that gives vendors a way to accept payments via ripple in ANY currency.

3) NoFiatCoin. A math-based currency that trades on the ripple network, NoFiatCoin is fractionally backed by physical gold and silver (check out our post: ‘Eventually mining is going to be dead’ and Ripple will rule says NoFiatCoin (XNF) founder).

4) The Ripple Price App for iOS. Released by Ripple Labs, the Ripple Price App lets you instantly view the price of 1 XRP against the yuan, dollar, bitcoin, Canadian dollar, euro, yen, pound, Aussie dollar, Swiss franc, litecoin and the Sierra Leonean leone.

5) The Ripple Developer portal. Everything you ever needed to know about using the Ripple-REST API in one handy place. Great documentation means great proliferation.

6) RippleSingapore. RippleSingapore lets you hold IOUs for actual gold, silver, and platinum ounces directly in your ripple wallet. In a way, it allows you to transmit physical gold and silver over the internet.

7) Computing For Good. You can start earning ripple now by registering at to donate your spare computer processing power to scientific research via BOINC. In exchange for your donation, you’ll get ripple sent your ripple wallet everyday. It’s a great way to start funding your ripple wallet and help the rest of humanity in the process!

8) Leverage your ripple as a way to “become your own insurance company” at The site’s explanations could use some clarification, but peercover can extend credit lines to their members and help start-ups launch their companies on the ripple protocol via their Simple Stocks Program.

9) A way to buy and sell “secrets” online using the ripple network (which means you can use any currency). Online at

10) Private Internet Access gives users a way to encrypt their internet connections and utilize anonymous IPs to protect their privacy while browsing. The service, which costs $6.95 a month, accepts ripple as a form of payment.

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  1. Cassidy

    Hey fred. Peercover is much more then just that, but it’s nice they get a mention here. If you want to learn a lot more about peercover go over to
    Peercover provides a bridge for numerous cryptocurrencies and ripple
    - extends credit lines to their members
    - helps startups launch their companies on the ripple protocol via Simple Stocks Program

    Peercover is much more, but you are right, update on the website is essential, from what I hear it’s coming very soon. Nice article by the way.

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