10 professional bitcoin price predictions for 2014

1) Wedbush Securities: “Scenarios exist by which a bitcoin could be worth 10-100x its current price.” (Gil Luria and Aaron Turner, Wedbush Securities, Dec. 1, 2013). Source.

2) Bank of America: “We get a (market capitalization) number that is somewhere around $15bn. Although this does not mean that bitcoin price cannot rise further (as an object of speculation), we think the recent rise of bitcoin price could soon run ahead of its fundamentals. Our current view implies a maximum fair value of bitcoin = 1,300 USD.” (David Woo, Dec. 5, 2013). Source.

3) Lightspeed Venture Partners India: “Bitcoin’s price is a function of supply and demand. While the supply is predictive, the demand is less so. However, the increase in the demand of Bitcoin can be compared to networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which have followed a ‘S’ curve of adoption. All such networks typically take 6-8 years to plateau out with year 4-5 being the steepest. Though Bitcoin was invented 4 years ago, I would say that 2013 was its 2nd real year. Given the nature of the ‘S’ curve, the price increase in 2014 is likely to be 3-4 times more than [last year]. Hence, the $4000-$5000 range is where the Bitcoin price is likely to settle in 2014.” (Lightspeed Venture Partners India, Jan. 13, 2014). Source.

4) GoldStockBull.com: “In 2014, Bitcoin will continue increasing in popularity and value, Amazon or another major retailer will announce acceptance of the virtual currency. Bitcoin will continue to have wild price swings, increasing in value to $2,500 or higher during 2014.” (Jason Hamlin, Feb. 14, 2014). Source

5) Boston University School of Management: “Bitcoin has seen an end to its hyper price run-up and can no longer support being priced for perfection. Unlike gold which has tangible value, Bitcoin is backed by hopes/dreams and only worth what people are willing to pay. As it becomes increasingly evident that Bitcoin will not be the global currency standard, but simply a novel idea that will be improved upon by more nimble competitors such as Litecoin, restrictions and new regulations will be imposed and prices will plummet. I predict that Bitcoin will trade for under $10 a share by the first half of 2014, single digit pricing reflecting its option value as a pure commodity play.” (Mark T. Williams, Dec. 17, 2013). Source

6) Coindesk poll: “More than half of bitcoiners believe the price of their favourite digital currency will reach $10,000 this year, a CoinDesk poll has revealed…. A whopping 56% of the 5,500 people polled so far said they believe the price will reach $10,000 this year.” (Coindesk.com, Jan. 2, 2014) Source

7) Princeton CS Professor: “Were Bitcoin to become a mainstream currency, its value would likely increase ten- or twenty-fold … Given that the current exchange rate hovers around $1,000 per Bitcoin, current investors cap the probability of that kind of success at no more than 1 or 2 percent.” (Arvind Narayanan, Jan. 5, 2014). Source

8) Winklevoss Twins: “The Winklevoss twins went on the record on Nov. 12 saying they believe bitcoin could hit a market cap of $400 billion. At the moment, there are nearly 12 million bitcoins in circulation, that would make them each worth $33,333. And that’s the Winklevoss’s ‘conservative’ estimate.” (Tyler Winklevoss, Nov. 12, 2013). Source

9) Swedish Pirate Party: “The total size of the transactional currency market is hard to estimate, but has been pegged at about $60 trillion (the amount of money in circulation worldwide). Seeing how this number is roughly on par with the world’s GDP, it is a reasonable enough number to be in the right ballpark. Based on my four earlier estimates (one, two, three, four), I think it is reasonable that bitcoin captures a 1% to 10% market share of this market. … This leads us to a target market cap of 600 billion to 6 trillion USD, to be fulfilled by about 6 million bitcoin, which makes for easy calculations. That means that each bitcoin would be worth $100,000 at the low market cap and $1,000,000 at the high market cap.” (Rickard Falkvinge, March 6, 2013). Source

10) A repeat of 2013: I’ll end with an observation of my own. The price of bitcoin surged roughly 5,500% in 2013. If the same thing happened in 2014, we’d be looking at bitcoin prices of around $41,000 by the end of 2014. We could just as easily see bitcoin prices collapse entirely, but I do know one thing: it’s going to be fun to watch no matter what happens.

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