10 signs that MaxCoin was the largest altcoin launch in history

It’s the power of celebrity. I’m not sure what else to call it. Max Keiser’s the nasally and bombastic host of the Keiser Report, a financial talk show that airs on Russian state media channel RT. Now, he’s the founder and spokesman for his own cryptocurrency, MaxCoin. And the coin has done spectacularly. Here are 10 signs MaxCoin was the largest altcoin launch in history:

1) Crash city. MaxCoin’s launch had to be delayed a day after the official web site crashed under heavy load.

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2) Exchange approved. Within three weeks of its launch, MaxCoin had made it onto the leading cryptocurrency exchanges including Cryptsy. That’s record time, and it certainly wouldn’t have happened if the coin didn’t have Keiser’s name attached to it.

3) Market cap. MaxCoin is already in the Top 20 altcoins in the world in terms of market cap on CoinMarketCap. Investors have dumped more than $5.5 million and counting into MaxCoin. One writer’s calling for MaxCoin to hit a $20 million market cap in the near term (source).

4) Trading Volume. As of right now, MaxCoin is the fourth-most active altcoin in the world (behind bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin) in terms of trading volume with more than $2 million in MaxCoins trading hands every 24 hours (again per CoinMarketCap).

5) Coindesk props. Altcoins don’t often get their own story on Coindesk (perhaps the leading crypto news site on the web), but MaxCoin got a long article on Feb. 5. From that piece: “Given his strong stance, Keiser is often criticized as a provocateur. In one notable incident, Keiser called for JPMorgan bankers to be decapitated.” Keiser doesn’t mince words.

6) MaxCoin vendors. You can already buy things with MaxCoins (at least, one company is selling sex toys in exchange for MaxCoins).

7) Televised mining. Not many altcoins can claim to have had their genesis blocks mined on television. Keiser did just that on episode 555 of Keiser Report:

8) Rocketing returns. MaxCoin has had multiple days with triple-digit gains – including one day where the value shot up 176%.


9) The uproar. People either love or hate MaxCoin. And when they hate it, they get vocal. They even take the time to build Hitler rants against the coin:

You know you’re making an impact when you start pissing people off.

10) MaxCoin crazies. The only thing a coin needs to survive is a large and active community. MaxCoin has that in spades. Revolutionaries, anti-bankers, goldbugs and libertarians are rallying behind the coin, and they’re passionate. That’s really all you need, and it’s exactly what most altcoins lack.

My Take on MaxCoin

In the interest of transparency, I do have a very modest position in MaxCoin, and I don’t understand all the criticism of the coin. Anything that brings positive visibility to the space should be applauded. Indeed, I’ve seen numerous posts where individuals who have never owned a cryptocurrency are claiming to have either started mining, or started buying cryptos just so they could get their hands on MaxCoin.

MaxCoin’s success is a function of Keiser’s fanbase. So long as that survives, MaxCoin should, too. For it to be successful long-term, though, it’s going to need ongoing investment. I’d like to see Keiser dumping some of his hard-earned cash into the coin. I’d like to see it used for new and exciting purposes. Kesier could accept it for advertising on his site, he could take it in exchange for his favorite hard assets (gold and silver) or he could start encouraging vendors to accept it in downtown London. In short, if Max puts his money where his mouth is, I’d be a whole lot more optimistic about the coin’s future. For now, it’s definitely a coin to keep an eye on.

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  1. The Maxcoin Rat

    We are all right behind the Max-Meister. Just as long as he doesnt sing again on RT – reminds me of the Pied Piper

    • Enrique Jack

      I am preparing an article and I have noticed that the website only mentions that accepts bitcoin and Litecoin. Is it correct this appreciation?

  2. Cian

    I was very lucky to get in just before a massive price hike, MAX gave me my first ever $2000 day !
    I dont think MAX will be holding a small position in such a big coin, Im expecting MAXimum returns.

  3. Graham Kelly

    Sadly, the download of Maxcoin has no block source available. I jumped in on the first day, but the block source is not connecting. I have added IP nodes, but none of them work. Oh well…

  4. Bob

    1. He didn’t let other people mine with same speed as him during the launch
    2. He boost about buying Maxcoin just when he was about to dump them. And now price is 10x less than before.

    How much he paying for this article.

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  6. Chris

    Also what has this coin got going for technically speaking? Quark coin has 6x the level of encryption of Bitcoin and 20x faster transactions. Infant the bit coin malleability issue would have even been an issue for Quark Coin. I’m a big fan of Max Keiser as he is fighting the bankers. Don’t sell out to the darkside Max and become another phony. If Max Coin can beat Quark Coins on a technical level then I’m all for them but if they are just an ego trip then man up and admit you made a mistake. Your genuine respect will be returned and all we be forgotten. That’s the main reason people tune into Keiser Report because banksters like Jamie Dimon keep breaking the law an he is unrepentant, full of ego and you take them down a peg or two. But hey may the best coin win. Just don’t get why you’d back a lesser coin

    • Tom

      Hey Chris, I think the issue is Max is technically unsophisticated. He studied theater in university, and everything he knows about finance or technology is hearsay he’s picked up from others.

      In short, he’s a great actor, has a great screen presence, and can promote things, which he did admirably for Maxcoin. When it comes to actually understanding a technology like Maxcoin, though, he’s just going by what he’s been told. from his limited understanding of the details, he thinks Mc had a fair launch, and it does admittedly embody the features he thought would make it a good disruptive cryptocurrency, but he had other doing the actual coding and implementation.

      • Jack

        “and everything he knows about finance or technology is hearsay he’s picked up from others.”

        hearsay …a bit like your comment, you mean ?

  7. Andrew English

    Clif High of the Web Bot Project recently released a Wujo on Bitcoin and summed it up correctly about Alt-Coins and now they will die off as they don’t have the same network like as Bitcoin does. Alt-coins but been created for those who think they can skip the evolution that Bitcoin has taken and at the same time get rich quick. Those type of currencies are doomed too fail.

  8. Dick

    Pity there was no windows wallet for the launch.
    Pity that the windows wallet is such a pain in the backside to get working.
    This is no way to bring crypto currency to the masses.
    Rubbish launch Max and your good name is attached to this amateur undertaking.

  9. Juan Pablo

    The MaxCoin launch was a complete joke.. You touted it as a fair launch, but it was the exact opposite! TrollCoin had a better launch, and that was launched by trolls!!

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  11. ArseholeCoin

    “Don’t sell out to the darkside Max and become another phony.”
    Hahaha, this ventriloquist dummy has always been a phoney. “Buy silver, crash JP Morgan” ahahaha, yeah right, sure(!). Doom porn, pump silver, pump gold, sell silver Keiser rounds, sell MaxCoins… scammer, fraudster, fake.

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