Top 20 quotes from the co-founder of Ripple Labs, Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is co-founder and CEO of Ripple Labs (formerly OpenCoin). Previously he was co-founder and CEO of E-Loan, a publicly-traded online lender, and Prosper, a p2p lending marketplace. Here are my top 20 favorite quotes from him.

“The beauty of the Ripple system is that it lives inside the internet. To shut it down you have to shut down the internet itself. That’s why it’s so transformational.” (

“The goal isn’t just to rewire finance. It’s to flatten finance.” (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

“Ripple is what happens when money finally meets the internet. Twenty years late, but better late than never.” (

“The Internet has changed the way we live our lives in dramatic ways, but it has not yet lived up to its full potential.” (NerdWallet)

“Software is in development that will allow derivatives, loans, interest rates, fees, subscriptions, and exotic financial instruments to be processed by algorithms. These money technologies give merchants new options, consumers more control, and financial institutions powerful new tools. So-called ‘cryptocurrency’ may have a fringe reputation now, but the long-term impacts of math-based money systems are 100% mainstream.” (CitizenTekk)

“We think the math-based currency movement could be the biggest game-changer in finance since the internet was created.” (RT)

“The way we send money today is as out-of-date as sending telegrams instead of email.” (

“What we’re really trying to create is a second generation of bitcoin.” (RT)

“Trust is a human condition. You can apply that condition to a chunk of gold, a piece of paper, and also a distributed system. Bitcoin proved that yes, you can trust this. It’s an evolution of how we think.” (

“If we’re really going to be changing the world, it’s such a big endeavor and the consequences are so huge and so positive that it does need to have a well financed, traditional Silicon Valley structure. … and you can get venture capital to invest.” (RT)

“Bitcoin has probably been the most attacked payment network in the world, and it’s held up extremely well. I think it’s because of the distributed nature.” (CNBC)

“(Currencies) are just the tip of the iceberg on a fundamental innovation. This is really about value exchange and building a value web in the same way we have an information web. For the first time in history, the world solved the double-spend problem which was really the only thing holding back the reality of a value web.” (IDG Ventures)

“You don’t have to be a wacky libertarian to understand that trust in political currencies is eroding. Our objective is to build a new global currency.” (BusinessWeek)

“The exchange of value is still pre-internet based on 40-year-old technology.” (Bloomberg)

“If we could immediately distribute all the Ripple credits that we want to distribute equally to everyone in the world, we would.” (BitcoinMagazine)

“You could also put things like airline miles or merchant reward points into these new protocols, so it’s a very broad concept of value moving freely now anywhere in the world.” (Open Source)

“Mining was supposed to be a democratized thing, but it’s now only accessible to the elite of the elites. Hordes of brilliant engineers are raising money for mining equipment that regular folks can’t compete with.” (BusinessWeek)

“Is Bitcoin Friendster, and we’re MySpace? I hope not. Are we still waiting for our Facebook? Possibly. People worry a lot about the dollar now.” (New York Times)

“Mining for human progress? (The World Community Grid) is like mining for good, yes.” (Twitter)

“You can trust math-based currencies as much as science, as much as gold. In fact, gold is also a math-based currency—we don’t need anyone to guarantee that it has 79 protons, it just does.” (

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