We’re giving away $600 worth of NoFiatCoin (XNF)!

This contest has concluded. Congrats to our winners!

@yahgi (50 XNF)
@tedmoyle (30 XNF)
@9h3n0m4xrp (20 XNF)

After our exclusive interview with Robert Reyes, he kindly offered to sponsor an XNF giveaway on our site. Tweet a link to our interview with Robert, and use the hashtags #cryptla and #nofiatcoin between now and midnight on Feb. 5, 2014. We’ll randomly pick three winners who will receive the following prizes: 1st prize 50 XNF, 2nd 30 XNF and 3rd 20 XNF! You must create a free Ripple wallet where you can receive your XNF. Feel free to enter multiple times. Thanks for the support and good luck!

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