Bestcoin (BEST) currency rating

Bestcoin (BEST) currency rating

Presence on exchanges
If you're looking for rare cryptocurrencies, remember that you need to find one people are actually using. Bestcoin isn't it.


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This post is part of a rating series where I’m trying to rate every major cryptocurrency on the market. See our full list of cryptocurrencies to find other ratings.

bestcoin-best-cryptocurrency-logoRating summary: Launched on Aug. 1, 2013, bestcoin’s goal is to drive up prices due to scarcity. In all, only 1 million coins will be minted; the question is, does anyone care?

Bestcoin (BEST) Currency Review

Bestcoin appears to be dead or dying. The coin launched on Aug. 1, 2013, but hasn’t gained much momentum. It’s ultimate goal was scarcity with only 1 million coins planned for mining. That puts it in the top 5 percent of the rarest cryptocurrencies (see our full list of cryptocurrencies to sort them by total number of coins).

So, bestcoin isn’t unique in its claim to be rare. As a standard scrypt currency, there’s nothing technologically innovative about it either. What’s most troubling, though, is the lack of community around the coin. There are no mining pools, no website, no presence on altcoin currency exchanges and little to no activity around the coin on Bitcointalk since September.

Bestcoin also appears to have had a relatively huge premine at 30,000 coins (3 percent of all coins!). That keeps other developers away and makes it look like a pump and dump coin that was simply designed to make its creator money.

Bestcoin Price Target

NOTE: This price target is entirely speculative. It’s a hypothetical what-if, so take it with a grain of salt. Since I can’t access the coin’s blockchain, I’d say someone needs to start working on the tombstone for bestcoin. My price target is $0, which is where it already is.

Bestcoin Fundamentals

Ticker: BEST
Official website: n/a
Announcement: Bitcointalk
Total circulation: 1,000,000
Cryptocurrency type: Scrypt

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