Bellscoin (BEL) currency rating

Bellscoin (BEL) currency rating

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Bellscoin might appeal to a tiny gaming niche. Since its creator has moved on to other endeavors, I'd be surprised to see it survive (though it is early to be making such a call).


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bellscoin-bel-cryptocurrency-logoRating summary: A cryptocurrency that’s based on the Nintendo game Animal Crossing, the Bellscoin creator has since turned his focus on another tongue-in-cheek coin he started: Dogecoin.

Bellscoin (BEL) Currency Review

Bellscoin is the brainchild of programmer and former IBM engineer Billy Markus of Portland, Oregon. “Bells was made with fun in mind as well as an unhealthy obsession with (the Nintendo game) Animal Crossing,” Markus wrote when announcing the coin’s launch. “If it catches on in popularity, I may be compelled to work on a ‘Tom Nook’s store’-type trading Post exchange for virtual goods and the like!”

In Animal Crossing, players assume the role of humans who have moved into rural villages populated by talking animals. Players can collect various items in the game and occasionally sell them to the village merchant Tom Nook in exchange for Bells.

“In the Animal Crossing universe, Bells are the primary form of currency,” Markus writes. “To gather them, you must collect fruits, catch bugs, fish, dig for fossils, etc. and trade those items for Bells. In the crypto world, we just mine for them! The Bell amount you get from the various items is quite random, so Bells as a cryptocurrency has random rewards in various denominations as well.”

Indeed, miners can get vastly different block rewards for mining the coin. Blocks 101 to 129600 for example, have rewards that range from 50 bells to 10,000 bells. Technologically, there’s not much differentiating bells from other scrypt currencies outside of the fact that there will be 500 million coins minted in all. That puts it in the top 20 percent of cryptocurrencies with the largest total circulations (see our full cryptocurrency list to sort coins by circulation).

Bellscoin is very new, having launched on November 28, 2013, but it hasn’t gained much steam yet. A pool at BlockSolved only showed three miners at the time of this writing, and the coin has not made it onto any exchanges that I’m aware of yet.

About a week after launching bellscoin, the creator launched dogecoin (DOGE), which is enjoying rapid growth. That makes me think the future for bellscoin is very limited (though I would have said the same thing about BBQCoin six months ago). Still, a coin that’s based on a video game that a large number of people haven’t heard of is going to face an uphill battle.

Bellscoin Price Target

NOTE: This price target is entirely speculative. It’s a hypothetical what-if, so take it with a grain of salt. As I stated earlier, dogecoin was launched after bellscoin, and it’s already doing better (despite being a complete and total meme-based joke). That makes me think bellscoin is headed for history’s dustbin. My price target is $0 at the moment, though that could change if a community springs up around bellscoin. To start, bellscoin needs its own website.

Bellscoin Fundamentals

Ticker: BEL
Official website: n/a
Announcement: Bitcointalk
Total circulation: 500,000,000
Cryptocurrency type: Scrypt

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