Argentum (ARG) currency rating

Argentum (ARG) currency rating

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Argentum offers moderate technological improvements over bitcoin, but they're probably not enough to make it a blockbuster.


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argentum-arg-cryptocurrency-logoRating summary: Argentum offers some technological improvements over bitcoin. It has a robust development community (the same crew that developed digitalcoin and securecoin), and it’s got a built-in inflation rate of 1.1 percent.

Argentum (ARG) Currency Review

Argentum is named after the Latin word for silver, and the developers believe the cryptocurrency has similarities with the precious metal; namely, scarcity. I’d argue that argentum’s not actually scarce since there will be more Argentum at 64,000,000+ than there will be bitcoin, which has a hard upper limit of 21,000,000 (see our post on the list of the top 25 rarest cryptocurrencies for some truly rare altcoins). Note also that once argentum’s upper limit of 64 million coins is reached, the total number of coins will continue to grow 1.1 percent each year – a number picked to match the “rate of human population growth.”

So while I wouldn’t call scarcity a factor with Argentum, it does have lots of other things going for it – in particular a very robust development community. The coin was started by the same crew that brought the world digitalcoin and securecoin, and all three coins share the same services including forums. Argentum has also made it way onto the largest cryptocurrency exchange at

Technologically, argentum has two big selling points (both of which could eventually be implemented for bitcoin as well):

  • An expanded block size of 10mb
  • An increased number of signature operations per block at 100,000

Those tweaks arguably make argentum more scalable than bitcoin should usage ever go mainstream. “We have learned from many of the past crypto-currencies and created one that can rival any,” the developers write. “We wanted to create the first cryptographic currency with almost unlimited scalability.”

I don’t know enough about the technological limitations of bitcoin or the advancements in argentum to say they’ve succeeded, but I have read enough to know that bitcoin will likely be able to scale on its own if it truly does become a global currency (especially if it gains traction within other frameworks/protocols like mastercoin or ripple).

So, what we’re left with is a coin that may scale slightly better than bitcoin, but is diluted; has a decent development community (but one that doesn’t compete with bitcoin), and is the second of three coins released by Baritus with each coin showing improvements upon the last. Don’t look for argentum to overtake bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency anytime soon.

Argentum Price Target

NOTE: This price target is entirely speculative. It’s a hypothetical what-if, so take it with a grain of salt. Argentum’s got a solid development community and measurable technological improvements over bitcoin. However, the coin will be diluted with an annual inflation rate of 1.1 percent after hitting 64 million coins (more than three times the number of bitcoin). That means it’ll never hit bitcoin’s market cap unless bitcoin is compromised. Argentum does have a solid community, though, probably one that’s in the top 10 percent of all other cryptocurrencies. So, let’s say argentum somehow manages to capture five percent of bitcoin’s market cap. For our purposes, let’s peg bitcoin at $10 billion or $1,000 a coin. If argentum captured five percent of that, we’d see it at $500 million or $7.80 per coin (assuming there are 64 million coins outstanding). If we assume there were say 5 million coins outstanding when argentum captured 5 percent of bitcoin’s market cap, the price per coin would be much higher (around $100). That sounds like a very high price target to me. I’d be surprised to see it hit $10 per coin anytime soon. Currently, argentum is trading at $0.34 with 500K mined. Securecoin is more technologically advanced than argentum, so I’d probably look there for greater price appreciation.

Argentum Fundamentals

Ticker: ARG
Official website:
Official forum:
Announcement: Bitcointalk
Total circulation: 64,000,000
Cryptocurrency type: Scrypt

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