List of the top 25 rarest cryptocurrencies

One of the main drivers for bitcoin’s price is the fact that it’s rare. It can’t be inflated or manipulated. All told, there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins mined. 100 years or 1,000 years from now, there will only be 21 million bitcoin. In the world of alternate currencies, though, that’s not rare.

What is the rarest cryptocurrency in the world?

That honor belongs to Onecoin – a cryptocurrency featuring just one coin, literally. I haven’t yet found an exchange where you can trade onecoin, though.

What’s the rarest cryptocurrency trading on a top exchange?

There are roughly 8,500 Bitbar (BTB) in circulation, a number that’s growing very slowly. Bitbar trades on

What are you favorite rare cryptocurrencies?

I’m still learning about each of the coins on the list, but at the moment, I’m personally invested in Anoncoin (ANC), Bitbar (BTB) and Cryptogenic Bullion (CBG). Why? Each has what I see as a competitive advantage. Here’s what I like:

  • Anoncoin: Anoncoin supports the i2p darknet, which makes it the only crytocurrency that can be scrambled and used on the darknet. That means coins can be used without being traced back to an individual wallet. Should governments crack down on cryptocurrencies, anoncoin might be one of a handful that still survives and thrives.
  • Bitbar: As the scarcest cryptocurrency on a major exchange, Bitbar’s a play on a surge in value for ALL cryptocurrencies. The coin’s scarcity makes it vulnerable to manipulation, but if serious buyers get interested in Bitbar, it’s price will surge – and it could easily cost more on a per-coin basis than bitcoin.
  • Cryptogenic Bullion: Conceived as a buy-and-hold cryptocurrency, CBG will actually pay you interest (1.5 percent a year) if you keep the coins in your CBG wallet. As institutional investors move into alternate currencies, they could bid up the price for CBG. The quantity of coins is low but not too low.

Full list of the Top 25 rarest cryptocurrencies

Here’s a look at the top 25 rarest cryptocurrencies along with their total circulation:

Currency Code Total Circulation
Onecoin ONC 1
Bitbar BTB 8,500
Sauron Rings SAU 20,000
BitGem BTG 23,000
CrimeCoin CRM 100,000
Unobtanium UNO 250,000
Bestcoin BEST 1,000,000
Cryptogenic Bullion CGB 1,000,000
GoldPressedLatinum GPL 1,000,000
Peoplecoin PPL 1,440,000
ProtoShares PTS 2,000,000
Jupitercoin JPC 3,700,000
Cryptobits CYB 4,000,000
Anoncoin ANC 4,200,000
Diamond DMD 4,300,000
ExtremeCoin EXC 5,000,000
Basecoin BAC 6,000,000
Frozen FZ 7,700,000
Doubloons DBL 8,000,000
PhilosopherStone PHS 8,891,840
Lovercoin LVC 9,000,000
CryptoBuck BUK 10,000,000
Mincoin MNC 10,000,000
Ecocoin ECO 10,200,000

Note that some of the currencies above will have low levels of inflation that will slowly drive up total circulation numbers over time.

Want to see more cryptocurrencies? Check out our list of ALL cryptocurrencies. We’ve indexed more than 200 and counting.

Photo credit: Frko.

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  1. Sam

    LiteBar! Rare cryptogenic commodity with only 1.35m over 5 years, Please add to list. See:

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